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About us

About The Company Service

ZafixCap -a FinTech Company- was formed to use the blockchain ecosystem and digital currencies to be part of the world shifting. We believe that by using blockchain and digital currencies, financial freedom can be implemented for everyone and people's lives can be significantly improved. Our mission is to automate trades and perform at scale through Algorithmic trading. Make informed decisions faster and trade more efficiently so investors can improve performance and scale effectively to compete with the world’s leading investment firms. Traders are under pressure to swallow large quantities of real-time data, with less time for analysis per trade and increased oversight of the decision-making process.
Our work
Our team is made up of talented and motivated young people who are all experts in their fields. We are with you in a decentralized world.
Trading Team
Trading based on signals both from social channels and webhooks is one of our common duties. Moreover, we use bots which make our trading process more systematic. Taking advantage of arbitrage between inter-exchange and exchanges, and DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is another of our responsibilities. We also employ science (mathematics and statistics) to trade more precisely. In terms of Algorithmic Trading; we utilize scientific methods from data analysis to machine learning approaches to develop precise trading strategies. The algorithms behind Algo trading identify profitable and repeating patterns in financial markets.
Strategies & Risk Management Team
Our Trading members trade on the Cryptocurrency market; including Spot and Derivatives (Options & Futures) and DeFi approaches. We follow some main strategies in our smart trading process; including Hedging, leverage-tokens, and option trading.
Monitoring & Report Team
In the Monitoring & Reporting team, we keep an eye on all processes; test them and do our best to keep track of them through detailed documents.
Financial Products Team
In our Financial Products section, there are Risk Control Test modules, Trade Assistants, and Gamification gadgets.
Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Bur Dubai Khalid Al Attar Building 122779 Dubai United Arab Emirates